3 Festivals you should spot, while in Southern America

3 Festivals you should spot, while in Southern America

For South America holidays, the best thing that you can do is to select a month or a few days to a city where you can attend to any of the famous festivals in any of the festive cities there.

These festivals are based on various themes and myths and can be enjoyed, and remembered due to the vibrant colors, the festive songs and all that fun you will have there while in the festivals. Though, these occasions are distributed in different months and you can decide to visit the city or the place depending upon the time and the month you are going for South America tours. If you are travelling from Australia to Southern America, then it would definitely be a wise decision to study all the details, festivals and make a list of things you don't need to miss out while on your tour. It is important to figure the best time or location, either you are going to South America or for Antarctic tours via using arctic cruises as your adventure spots.

Now coming back to our discussion, for the best festive time you should not miss the following festivals while on your trip:

Inti Raymi festival in Cuzco

The Inti Raymi festival is celebrated on 24th of June every year. It is also named as the Festival of the sun. This colorful festival is celebrated and enjoyed with lots of colors, dancing people on the street and wearing brightly colored clothes. People from across the world come to Cuzco, to see and enjoy this fabulous festival on the streets of Cuzco.

Semana Santa

The Semana Santa festival is one of the most famous religious festival celebrated in Peru. The festival is held around Easter on Friday before the Palm Sunday, after that the processions, celebrations and the ritual continue till the Easter. The one is very popular and attract a lot of tourists from across the world.

Feria de Cali

This one is known as the Cali's big bash that is full of dancing people, music and festive activities. The time line is from Christmas to the new year.

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